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UNIMAC Sustainability

At UNIMAC, we believe that being efficient is the most sustainable practice of all. 

Unimac maintains a comprehensive paper procurement policy and program which supports protecting Ancient and Endangered forests and advocates long term forestry preservation. All house sheets offered by Unimac are available as FSC Certified with Mixed Recycled content. Unimac continues to expand our usage of recycled paper as measured each year in certification process. In 2016 Unimac utilized 40,000 lbs. of certified recycled paper, in 2017 increased of 400,000 lbs. and 2018 used over 450,000 lbs. Unimac also routinely performs testing of alternative substrates in an effort to offer our clients sustainable products. 

Renewable Energy
The backbone of Unimac’s renewable energy program is a significant solar energy systems capable of producing over 1,000,000 kWhs of clean solar energy and furthering its commitment to environmental leadership. The system generates a large percent of UNIMAC’s annual electricity needs. The 1,000,000+ kWhs of solar energy produces enough energy to power 75 average size residential homes each year. The energy saved by Unimac annually is equivalent to recycling 16 million cans of soda, planting 58,000 trees and taking 105 cars off the road annually. 

Recycling Program
In 2018, Unimac’s environmental program was responsible for recycling 4875 tons of paper and 30 tons of aluminum. This program in conjunction with our waste water management system, eliminates over 90% of our manufacturing waste through recycling.

Unimac proudly holds ISO 14001:2015 EMS Environmental Management System Certification as a testament to our commitment to holding the highest standards in our industry. Today responsible resources such as sustainable paper choices and nontoxic high-performance inks allow us to give our clients a cost-effective and healthy solution. UNIMAC's high speed, low-impact precision technology supports this effort. This means our presses are able to print more two-sided pages faster and with less environmental impact than slower, smaller print equipment. In addition, Unimac’s pollution controls systems, oxidize and eliminates 98 % of VOC’s emitted to the atmosphere.