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Print Collateral Remains Relevant to Marketing Success

As marketing tactics continually move into the digital sphere, the outlook on more traditional advertising budgets may appear dismal. While printing companies may view this digital revolution as their demise, in reality printed marketing collateral remains important.

Not everyone has, or uses the Internet.
  • 1/4 of Americans don't have access to the  Internet.
  • Over 1/2 of Europeans don't use the Internet at all.

Spam now accounts for 90-95% of emails.
  • Research shows that women  between the ages of 25-44 read 84% of direct mail pieces and only 53% of emails.

We process print information better.
  • Many people find information on the Internet hard to read.
  • Computer screens may cause a "flicker" effect, making it harder for the brain to process information compared to printed sources.
  • People tend to read 25% slower on screen

Reviewing these facts reminds us that printing companies are still integral to successful marketing campaigns even in light of the increase in digital media.